Tag-It Wednesday – White Mini Price Tags

Price Tags

Price Tags

Hello! Its Tag-it Wednesday! Today I will be showing white mini price tags .  Love the uses of these min price tags where you can do a color swatch of the ink color or here I did a sequin collection of color that I have on hand here to put them as catalog:
Sequins Metallic Catalog

Sequins Metallic Catalog

Here is the details:

Item: Mini Price Tags

Qty: 100 pcs

Color: White

Size: approx. 23x 14 mm

Material: Paper board

Hole Size: approx. 1 mm

mini price tag

mini price tag

Here is the upclose photo of the mini price tags. Love the mini size of it 🙂

ice-cream tag

ice-cream tag

Here is another example of how you can use the mini price tags for labels or wording to write on.

Mini Price Tags

Mini Price Tags

If you are interested to purchase, you can click here.

Thank you so much for looking.

Have a great week.



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