Embellishment Tuesday – Happy Flip Flops

Hello… I can’t believe it’s Tuesday again. As you know Every Tuesday I will create some handmade embellishment for sale on my Luulla. Be it stamping or creating tags, flowers so that you readers can purchase it for card making or scrapbooking purpose.

Today I created these:

These are the embellishment which are flip flop which make up 16 pairs per pack.


Each flip flop measures approximately 3/4” wide x 1 3/4” tall

The flower measures approximately 2/5” wide by 2/5” tall.


4 design of each colors scheme : Big strips, Big Polka dot, Small Polka dot, Small stripes total 32 pieces

32 pieces of heart and flowers for decoration

These are on sale in luulla where you can put them on a card/ invitation/ scrapbooking etc.

For those who are interested, do let me know the color you wanted for your project.

See you next Tuesday for more embellishment on sale! :). Oh don’t forget all my cards are on sale 40% off! Yes! 40% off and payment will be refunded back to your paypal for overseas customers. Local through Bank transfer. Prices are before sales…

Thanks for looking.

Have a wonderful day ahead.



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