Birthday Cupcake Album kit using Basic Grey – Nook & Pantry Line…

Hello I thought I share another birthday album kit for sale. This kit is using the pattern paper from Basic Grey – Nook & Pantry line. I love the bright vibrant color of this line.

More picture of the kit: Each piece of cupcake is double sided paste onto a chipboard with cupcake sleeves. Tip: The cupcake sleeves has dotted line where you can do stitching along the line.

More picture of the kit: A set co-ordinating of ribbon to match the cupcake album. I heart the ribbon with hearts! And the pom pom. So sweet right?

More picture of the kit: A set of die cut Alpha lower, upper & number.

Embellishments : strawberry felt, crochets, mulberry paper flowers, ribbons, tags etc…

The details:

PRICE: $45


  1. 10  pattern paper die cut into cupcake using Basic Grey – Nook & Pantry line (4 1/4″ x 5″) + 10 Cupcake sleeves ( 3 1/2″ x 2″) + metal ring + 100 over co-ordinated embellishment + metal ring
  2. 5 big tags (2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″) –> these tags can be slot into the cupcake sleeves.
  3. 10 hot pink mulberry flowers
  4. 1 pink handmade bloomer with button in the centre
  5.  3 crochet flowers
  6. 2 strawberry felt
  7. 5 mini cupcake embellishments
  8. 5 shiny buttons
  9. 2 multi-color buttons
  10. 1 set of banners including the “hb2u”
  11. 3 tiny envelope – 2 big and 1 small
  12. 9 tiny tags
  13. 2 Parisian Lace doilies – 1 white & 1 polka dot red
  14. 10 Love live here felts – white & pink
  15. 2 white heart buttons
  16. 3 pink & white ribbon applique
  17. 10 yards of red & white paper twine
  18. 3 Star – big, medium and small die cut
  19. 2 scallop tags
  20. 2 pearl ball
  21. 2 pearl pin head
  22. 4 pieces of turning a new leaf
  23. 1 note pad die cut
  24. Alpha die cut – lower letter, cap letter & Number each 1 set
  25. A set of ribbon – 1 yard each of pink organza, red organza, yellow with pink heartshape ribbon, light pink pom pom & Black polka dot satin ruffles

This cupcake album can be for your child , family or even for yourself and your love ones. This kits is full of die cuts and supplies ready for you to start creating for a gift. It’s priceless to create your very own mini album. Everything is well-cordinated for you to start your very own mini album where you can include photos of you and  your love one.

Get creative and start crafting! 🙂

To purchase click here:

Thank for looking!



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