Mini Valentine card series #1

Hello everyone, I made a mini valentine card which you can flip open up and write your sentiment inside! 🙂 I really love the color scheme – pink, white, black, red and shocking pink. It’s burst with sweetness that I love! What do you think? I love love love to create a set of 6 different design. Which one do you love most?

Here is the side view of the Mini Valentine card.

Here is the first Mini Valentine card. I love using the scallop circle using shocking pink which make the whole card stand out! 🙂 I added a ring of circle using pattern paper and die cut a medium and small heartshape.

Here is the second minis: Using the scallop circle using black. I added circle using pattern paper and die cut a medium and small heartshape.

The #3 minis is so sweet. I love the Echo park – yours truly pattern paper using circle as background. For this is the same pattern as the first. But the color scheme using light pink for scallop.

The fourth minis I change the shape from circle to heart shape.

Here to the fifth one: Love the red pokka dot pattern paper as a base and die cut the scallop using black cardstock. Die cut the circle using line pattern paper and a medium and small heart shape.

Lastly the sixth one: Using black and white pattern paper! Love the red scallop against the black. It’s so striking color. Love it.

As the pattern paper is double sided, you can see the inside of the card here. It has a slit under the scallop circle to secure it close so that it can be flipped open.

Here is what the inside look like where you can write your wordings. And flipped it close after you are done.

Sweet color combination for your handicraft need – be it scrap booking, card making, album, gift tags, embellishment etc. Definitely an item you will love as much as I do 🙂

Do let me know if you like to have other color combination. If you would like to purchase, you may click it here.

Thanks for looking!




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