Inspirational Monday…. Heart shape…

Inspirational Monday will be a series of “Do-it-yourself” tutorial which I will gather and  hope that it will inspired you to create some crafty work! I love to find these and create them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Firstly, since it’s near Valentine day, its all about heart shape. Do you know how to make origami in heartshape? I love this. I actually created a card out of this here.

How about a heart shape crochet 3D? I never know how to crochet but this is so cute and heart shape is red! I love red for Valentine day!

Love this heart booklet! It’s so simple and elegant! Love it!

How about this felt zigzag heart shape? It will be nice in other colors! I would love to have my hand on this one.

Oh this card is so simple yet interesting! Love this. Do check it out!

Do let me know what post interest you! I am thinking of coming out a series of flowers tutorials since i love flowers alot! 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Thank you.




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