DIY Christmas Inspirational

More Christmas do-it-yourself inspirational post, I can feel that Christmas is coming fast. Been to a mall in town and I can see Christmas decoration up! So pretty! 🙂 Love this Christmas season 🙂

Today post, it’s all about Do-It-Yourself Christmas inspirations, first up is a card made up of thumb print! It’s so fun for a family of four to make a craft work together to sent it to friends and family. It’s not only unique , it also one of a kind.

Love this blog! It has alot of do-it-yourself instruction of Christmas ornament.

How about a Christmas wreath?

Love this potty! 🙂 so pretty ya for a gift? 🙂

Save and paint em. Cute for bagging christmas cookies!

Thanks for looking! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!