Inspirational Sunday – All about Glitter!

Do you love glitter? I love glitter🙂 you will see in in the following pictures that I am in love with which you could include in your crafts too. Let’s get on with our Sunday Inspiration, shall we?🙂

How about some glittering star chipboard? So lovely right?

How about glitter heartshape in a stick?

Love this idea to glitter the clothes pin here.

You will love this and do check them out on here.  This table is glitter-tastic with a sparkly menu, place cards, napkin rings, and votives. cute!🙂

Love love love this technique on diy glitter tape and magnet here. do check her out on the The Star Dust Series🙂 beautiful work!

I love her tutorial on diy glitter easter ornaments here and glitter Christmas ornaments here. love the colors and sparkle🙂

Lastly how about some glitter ribbon to do the trick of wrapping🙂 love it!

Here is a few cards that i used glitters and also tutorial on using glitters! Do check them out and dust off your glitter and start using them!🙂

Here is my tutorial:

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