Inspirational Sunday on Washi Tape or Masking Tape (mt)…

I did some searching on my favorite WASHI TAPE aka Masking tape (MT) from Japan. Love them! 🙂 Let me show you some finding on them shall we! Let go….. 🙂

What is masking tape (mt) and history of them? You can read them here. I find it so interesting to read them and how they bring about.

In 1923, Kamoi Kakoshi started its business by manufacturing flypaper (paper tapes with glue, used to catch flies). The technique for manufacturing flypaper was utilized to start manufacturing masking tapes. Currently, Kamoi manufactures and sells more than 35 types of masking tape, including the mt series, for commercial use. Masking tapes were first produced in the United States in 1925. However, Kamoi is the first one that has used rice paper for masking tapes.
Now, we will show you how the colors and textures of masking tapes are created through this factory tour here.

These masking tape are like rice paper which can be easily tear and used it again and again on anything! Love them.

How about making them  into numbers or alphabet on the front of the book here?

Love this idea on the paper clip and you can write label on them! what a cool idea here.

How about decorating those plain tags? So cute right with colorful tape to play with here.

More ideas on using those washi tape by this girl! She has amazing stuff. Love them. You should check her out here.

If you dun have any washi tape or masking tape, you can try to make one yourself here. 🙂

Have fun.

Enjoy your Sunday.




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