Inspirational Sunday….. on Ruffles….

Hello all,

Let’s begin with the Inspirational Sunday, shall we? 🙂 This week I will embarked a journey of RUFFLES!!!! I love Ruffles… of any materials.. First on the list is using crape paper:

Dawn Mcvey (Love this card! so sweet with those scallop border)
Pinterest (Ruffles can be made into flowers!)
pinterest ( See the different pattern of the ruffles)
pinterest (some colorful ruffles pillows)
That’s from me today. Hope you can be inspired to create some art the coming week! here is mine I created using some ruffles : can you see the strip of ruffles on my card? 🙂 Can’t wait to create a flower, is it beautiful? Will try and post it up!

If you create some ruffles, I would love to see them! 🙂

Enjoy your Sunday all.

Take care.




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