I have a card which incorporate a challenge for Stitching at Practical Scrappers! Come join us to participate and win some prizes. Honestly I do not know how to sew and it really amaze me to see how people know how to use the sewing machine. I love the stitching that the machine can do. Oh it’s so pretty and complete the card. I hope one day I can learn how to sew on a machine! Its one of my goal to be able to sew 🙂

Ok onto today’s card, I have actually faux stitch my card using a white gel pen since I do not know how to sew using a machine. One tip that I have learnt is that in order for your faux stitches to be straight you can use a ruler and draw your line. I am loving everything on this card: its has my hand-made butterfly using the punch and buttons! Ribbon and lace – who could resist that! Pearls and Flowers!

What do you think?




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